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Refrigerated Trailers & Merchandisers


Our merchandisers are all in great shape and cleaned when being refilled with bags. Merchandisers are used for gas stations, convenience stores, industrial units and grocery stores. We rent out portable trailers & Merchandisers for special events in long & short terms. Ex. Rib Fest's, Weddings, Festivals, Carnivals, Restaurants, Banquet Halls and Etc. We drop off and pick up Trailers/Merchandisers. We will restock to refill your ice needs at your request. 


Reefered Trailers


Rent a reefered trailer for a weekend that will keep product frozen. Rented out for festivals, weddings, family reunions, and large parties. We do the drop off and pick up of our event trailers. Call to inquire about pricing. 



Used for gas stations, convenience stores, industrial and etc to be filled with ice. 

Can be rented for events, BBQ's, Weddings, and etc.

Rented for day use, weekends, and for entire events. 

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