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We deliver all over Toronto and the GTA. Deliveries outside of the GTA are also available. Delivery charges are dependent on location, product and order. 



We are open to the public during business hours. 


Call 416-289-0020 for delivery information and quote


*The following packaging sizes are available in CRUSHED ICE upon request. 

 The Ultra Party Bag

The Ultra party bag is ideal for large events, weddings and Parties. Perfect to fill up 2-3 coolers that are stocked with drinks. It holds seven of the 3kg bags of ice in it. Why carry so many small bags when you can get it all in one bag.


The Ideal Bag

The original bag. This is the perfect size for a small gathering. The 3Kg fits perfect in small coolers and are the easiest to handle. Our 3kg is bigger than the regular 2.7kg bag of ice you find. You get more with the 3Kg. Every Cube Counts!


The Mid Range Bag

The Mid range bag is perfect for a gathering of 5 or more people. Come in and get the 12kg bag it's perfect for you. It fits perfectly in your cooler. It fits perfectly in a mid range cooler. This is perfect for camping along with some of the 4.5kg blocks. Easy to carry and store.


Specialty Ice- Blocks/Spheres

We don't just sell Ice Cubes. We take pride in everything ice. We have 4.5Kg blocks, Ice Spheres, Ice Squares, 300 pound carving blocks, and Custom styles. The blocks are amazing for Camping, Fishing and etc. The spheres/Squares are perfect for specialty drinks. 

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