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We sell dry ice for delivery or pick-up. We are one of the few Dry Ice suppliers open during the weekend. Just drop in or call for delivery for regular Dry Ice. Our Dry Ice is sold by the Kilogram. Great for visual effects, Drinks, food, weddings, and etc. Pre-ordered for Dry ice Blocks and smaller Rice Pellets (Dry ice Blasting). Call to inquire about Dry Ice deliveries and Cost. Dry ice comes in Bags and in totes for large quantities. 
Dry ice is a solid form of Carbon Dioxide and sublimes at -78.5 degrees celsius

Dry ice is used as a cooling agent and is useful for preserving frozen foods, entertainment affects such as fog machines and for industrial/scientific uses.


The extreme cold of dry ice makes it dangerous to handle without protection. Special care should be used at all times in the handling of dry ice.


Aqua Ice supplies both commercial/scientific/industrial users with dry ice as well as the regular public for uses such as fog machines and science projects.


Please call us at 416-289-0020 for information on pricing and handling.  

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